Rental Properties in Camano, Stanwood and Arlington are at a premium. You may already have heard that conversation. I recently was engaged in assisting a displaced family due  to the sale of the Stanwood home they were renting. I sure got an education on that challenge, especially with family pets. My time of search was this month, July. There were no individual house rentals available allowing pets on Camano Island, three options in Stanwood and six in Arlington. The rent rates ranged from $1800 to $3100 a month. Just to clarify, the information is not including apartment or condo residences. All I can say is, hey, Renters, let's get you qualified and into your own home. That's a lot of money to give to someone else for their financial portfolio. It's time to invest in your financial plan, your home and your future well being. Own your own home and never have to deal with rising rent rates again. Own your own home and have security of a place for your pets too. If it's credit scores, debt to income challenges or down payment fears that keeps you putting your hard earned money in someone else's pocket, please call me. Sometimes it takes planning and strategies for getting you ready to buy, we can help. Call me and we will work together to get you on the road to your new address, your own home.

More than a home, it is a lifestyle.